Tubelight Salman Khan 2017 Film Full Story

Tubelight is an upcoming Indian movie of the famous actor Salman Khan. The film is scheduled to be released on 23 June 2017.

Tubelight is written and directed by the famous Indian Film director Kabir Khan.

Tubelight Film Story

The story of the film Tubelight is based on the historical war of Sino-Indian War.

Salman Khan, the leading role in the movie, do the cast of Laxman in the movie.

Laxman (Salman Khan) falls in love with a Chinese girl when Indian army was getting ready for a war with the China.

Laxman sees the Zhu Zhu in a train which was going to the China but the engine of that train stops due to some technical problems. The train get’s out of order because the engine of the train was fully damaged and then Luxman helps the Zhu Zhu and starts loving her.

The original name of that Chinese actress is Zhu Zhu while in the movie her original name is also Zhu Zhu.

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Laxman want’s to stop the war because he loves the Zhu Zhu (Chinese girl) and he is a peace lover.
During the war, the Circumstances of the India are not very good.
Laxman (Salman Khan) tries his best to curb the war between these two neighbor countries.

At last, he get’s success in stopping the war between these two nations.

After wars stop, Zhu Zhu goes to China and then Salman start the search of Zhu Zhu, and he comes to know that she has gone to China. So, Laxman goes to China and finds Zhu Zhu and proposes her.
Zhu Zhu first rejects the Laxman because she though he tricking her because of the war between their nations. But when Laxman says her that he will die if she didn’t accept is purpose then she come to know that Laxman loves her.
Zhu Zhu also falls in love with Laxman, and they get married.
Shah Rukh Khan is also a part of Tubelight Film Story. He acts in the Tubelight movie as a cameo.

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