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The story of Raees is very interested in this movie a boy joins the drug dealing business at a very small age. He works for a very popular drug dealer and he earns a very good reputation.
When the name of that boy was Raees (Shah Rukh Khan) when Raees grew younger he think to start his own drugs business so that he can become rich. But his boss where he had worked for a big part of his life don’t want this to happen. He says to Raees that if he can manage 1 Lac rupees then he will start supplying drugs to Raees and then Raees can start his own business but the Raees was not much rich so he goes to another city to earn some money.
In other city Raees meets a guy named Mossa. He helps Raees by giving him 1 lac rupees and Raees starts his own business of drugs and he become very successful in a very short span of time. Then the Indian police starts chasing Raees because Raees was doing his business against their rules. The India police tries his best to capture the Raees but they could not because Raees was very smart.
But Raees makes a mistake and he sent his enemy Police officer to the control room where that police officer tracks the phone calls of Raees and drops the Raees.
Finally, Raees starts work on a colony and asks for his neighbors to invest for that colony they happily invest because they believed Raees.
But the colony of the Raees flops and all the investment goes down.
Then again Raees goes to Mossa for help this time Moosa says I will help you if you help me to smuggle some gold from the river. Raees agrees with Moosa, Moosa gives money to Raees and then he returns the money to everybody but when Raees smuggles the gold there is bomb material in the gold and 5 bombs were blasted at a time in Delhi and polices comes to know that Raees had helped to smuggle this bomb material.
Polices catches the Raees and kills him.

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